Singapore Swing

Singapore is not high on my must-see places. But the Missus has a list and that list has a higher priority.

It wasn’t all shopping and high buildings and I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, it is, but if you look around some, there are good options to explore the physical side of Singapore as well. For a small country with not enough land to go around, Singapore has a surprising amount of green space. The trails are obviously not long enough for major treks, but if you want to spend an entire day gawping at trees then there are enough to keep you busy. With typical efficiency that is expected of this country trails are well marked and are easily accessible. You’ll need to take into consideration the fact that you’re just a little over a degree North of the Equator so expect the going to be quite humid and carry a lot of water. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to clean up after yourself and not litter anywhere.

And since it was just a short visit, the usual culprits were all checked off, namely drooling over electronics at the Sim Lim Square and I don’t remember anything else. Did I mention drooling over gadgets at Sim Lim Square?

There are enough photos on the web of the steel and glass Singapore, so I thought I’ll sneak in some birds and trees. So first up are some birds from the Jurong Park. I quite liked it. Sure there are a lot of screaming kids, but that’s all right. The fact that the park allows everyone to see it at their own pace makes up for that. A pink flamingo at the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

Where you are less likely to find screaming kids is the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. For those looking for a proper work out, you can try any of the trails around here with the longest being around 11 KMs. It is not difficult, but that strange sub-species of humans – the Cubical Dwellers – are likely to be huffing and puffing like things that huff and puff in children’s stories. That does not mean that I did and it also does not mean that I didn’t heave a sigh of relief when the damn thing was done. We were on a route that took us to the Tree Top Walk and it started off easy enough.

The trail inside MacRitchied Reservoir Park, Singapore.


The Park at the reservoir is open to visitors between 7 AM to 7 PM and is well connected to the rest of the city. There are multiple trails here and depending upon your enthusiasm and capacity, you can either amble along to the water front and park yourself on one of the benches and watch masochistic members of our species exert themselves or you can join them. But I recommend walking up to the Tree Top Walk. This is, surprisingly, exactly what the name implies. There is a suspension bridge built above the tree tops that is accessible via a ~5 KM walk from the Lornie Road entrance to the MacRitchie Park.

The Tree Top bridge inside MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore.

For those not inclined to getting too close to Nature, there are these folks, who will help you discover Singapore at your pace. With multiple walks to choose from, these should definitely be worth a look. Unfortunately, we couldn’t squeeze them in this time. And here is another thing we didn’t try, flight simulation.  And I’m not talking any half-arsed simulation either. It is a proper 737 simulator. That, right there, is why I am going to go swing by Singapore again.

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